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Born and raised in upstate New York, Garrett has been performing since he was 13 years old.  With a passion for theatre, he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in acting and directing.  Learning quickly that his degree taught the skills but not the knowledge of how to land the work, he set out to make his own way.  He wrote, directed and starred in his first feature film.  The knowledge he gained from making that film propelled him to seek other aspects of entertainment. 


Doing stand-up comedy on a dare, Garrett found his calling.  He created his own booking agency and was soon the fasting growing agent in the south, booking 20 comedy rooms per week.  He took the next step and with an investor he founded "The Uptown Comedy Corner" in March of 1993.  At the time, Garrett didn't realize the amazing talent he would help develop over the years.  Selling the club in 2000 to manage Rickey Smiley, Garrett thought he was done with comedy clubs but was drawn back into re-opening the then shuttered Uptown in 2006. 


During the end of his time at the new location, he became talent coordinator and co-producer of Bounce TV's "Off The Chain" so he stepped away from the club business once again in 2013. After 3 years of co-producing the show, and 4 national comedy tours, Garrett was once again drawn  back to the comedy club business in 2015 opening the upscale "Atlanta Comedy Theater".  He put his then 25 years of comedy club experience to work and built his new club top to bottom with marketing, branding and attention to customer service that working with the biggest names in the business taught him.

Celebrating 30 years in the stand-up comedy business in May, 2021, Garrett has reflected upon the knowledge he has gained watching some of the biggest stars in the world go from just having a dream to unimaginable fame and fortune.  For decades Garrett has managed comedians and helped transitioned them into world class actors as well as placed hundreds on television and even big budget movies.  

These inspirational stories are compiled into his memoir due out late May 2021.  The knowledge of 30 years in the business has also been put into his self-help book, "7 Steps to Becoming a Paid Actor in 7 Days" for people who want to get into acting.  Garrett has helped many people achieve their dream and now is spreading that knowledge through his own brand.  If you want to be in show business, then his experience can help get you started and his stories can inspire you.

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