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7 Steps to Become a Paid Actor in 7 Days

EVERYONE dreams of one day being an actor but most let fear hold them back from even trying.  This ebook course shows you the 7 basic steps you can take that could put you in front of a film or TV camera in just 7 days.  Stop allowing your fear from stopping your dream.  It's time you give it a shot and Garrett's 30 years of experience will show you how. 

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Celebrating 30 years in the stand-up comedy business, Garrett reflects on his relationships with some of the biggest entertainers in the world long before they hit it big.  What he has learned from watching talented people with a dream become ultra rich and famous can help anyone who has dreams and ambitions.


A Weekend long intensive seminars for both Level 1 and Level 2 comedians, this class can help any stand-up with less than five years experience accelerate their career.  This class is especially helpful to social media comedians looking to transition into stand-up.  Dates and times are to be announced when available, so make sure you join our text club and email news letter.


Atlanta's ONLY upscale comedy club is always bringing the biggest and most talented comedians in the country, from social media stars like Kountry Wayne and Jess Hilarious to the biggest veterans in the business like Cedric The Entertainer, DL Hughley and even Dave Chappelle (who crafted his 2020 SNL monologue at the club).  Check out this week's line-up at

A.T.L. Comedy Arts Fest Vol 1 & Vol2

The Best of the Fest, a Tour-De-Force of the top comedians from our five day, multiple show festival is currently streaming on Amazon Prime and was produced and curated by Garrett. Captured on the incredible set from the gorgeous Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville, Georgia, these acts will have you laughing from beginning to end. 


Garrett been in the business for 30 years and has built relationships with hundreds of comedians.  He has remastered his documentary and has included commentary on his interviews with legends like John Witherspoon, to then up-and-coming comedic stars like Donnell Rawlings and Leslie Jones.  Garrett will be adding to this collection with new podcasts starting late summer 2021.

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